What Is A Manufacturer Buyback?

Discover the hidden value of manufacturer buyback vehicles.

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At LeSueur Car Company, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality pre-owned vehicles in our inventory. Also known as lemon law buybacks, when you purchase a manufacturer buyback vehicle from LeSueur, you can trust that our team has conducted a thorough multi-point inspection in our fully equipped service center staffed by highly skilled technicians.

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Why Buyback Vehicles?

From honoring warranties to needing repairs, there are many reasons why a vehicle may be repurchased by the manufacturer.  For over 29 of our 49 years in the automotive industry, we’ve helped countless customers see the benefits of manufacturer buyback vehicles and get behind the wheel of models they’ve gone on to love!

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Buyback Vehicles: Frequently Asked Questions

Are vehicles repurchased under Lemon Law considered defective?

A buyback vehicle is not necessarily a defective vehicle. While it is true that buyback vehicles are often repurchased due to previous issues, this is not always the case. Manufacturers may repurchase vehicles to maintain a valued relationship with loyal customers. Additionally, vehicles may be bought back if it is not possible to obtain parts in a timely manner to fix a minor problem, leading the customer to request a buyback.

How can I be sure the vehicle has been properly repaired?

When a repurchase is necessary, the manufacturer is committed to preserving its reputation by thoroughly addressing the issue that led to the buyback. Rest assured; all repurchased vehicles undergo a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the initially reported problem has been resolved and that the vehicle is in premium condition before it is reintroduced to the market.

Is the manufacturer simply trying to offload the car when they repurchase a vehicle?

Manufacturers highly value their reputation for producing desirable as well as adequately functioning vehicles. Therefore, they ensure that any repurchased vehicle meets all performance standards and requirements before it is returned to the market, thereby upholding their reputation.

Will a manufacturer buyback be reflected on my vehicle's title? 

The requirement to indicate on a vehicle's title if it was previously repurchased varies by state. Not all states mandate this notation.

Will it be difficult for me to sell a buyback vehicle?

Reselling a buyback vehicle is not more difficult, but when you decide to sell or trade-in your repurchased vehicle, you will receive a lower price, similar to the discount you benefited from when you initially bought the vehicle.

Are buyback vehicles safe?

Yes, manufacturer buyback vehicles are safe. Once repurchased, they undergo any necessary repairs and are thoroughly inspected to meet all safety standards.

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