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By: Kris LeSueur   |   01 Nov 2016

The post kicks off a new program we are kicking off to promote communication, community events, company news and family values to our loyal customers.  The family at LeSueur Car Company have had petrol running through their veins for generations.  With each generation they have cultivated a reputation of integrity and exemplary dedication to their customer’s needs, treating everyone as part of the family.  This is the story of how it all began.

Many decades ago Kay LeSueur, a teacher by trade, began selling cars to supplement his income.  His young son Warren, became inspired by his father as many sons do.  After graduating from Arizona State University in 1975 he aspired to open a dealership.  By the age of 23 Warren and his new bride Carolyn went all in on their dream and LeSueur Car Company was born!

Their tireless dedication payed off.  Working 6 days a week year after year, they sold an incredible 5000 Volkswagens from an old brick building.  After the turn of the century, Warren realized it was time to take the next step with the business. The dirt lot and small building no longer suited the needs of the company, nor did they live up to the increasing standard of the vehicles they were selling. The old air-cooled Beetles were long gone, replaced by newer cars with lower mileage and more features.  Customers would exclaim that the old building had character, but the felt that they were getting great prices due to the character of the people from within.  To the average Arizona Car buyer, the name LeSueur meant something. 

Years later a modern lot and office were complete, along with a modern service drive.  The business continued to change as LeSueur Car Company evolved from offering VWs exclusively, to any and all brands of quality used vehicles, to better serve their customers changing needs.

To this day Warren and Carolyn are still involved in the business. Although the torch has been passed down to their children Kris, James, Steven and JT who all started out in the family business at a young age.  Years of experience, mentorship from their father, and core family values that have been the cornerstone of their brand.  The name LeSueur means something and has directly led to success and as such, they all continue to promote a very different car buying experience.  One where relationships are valued more than sales.

When you shop at LeSueur Car Company, you can guarantee a few things.  There will be no high pressure sales tactics.  Your questions, concerns, and needs will all be fully addressed; and should you decide to buy you will be able to do so confidently knowing that you are now a part of the most trustworthy family in the business.

We will be sharing our blog posts right here on our website, through Social Media and through our monthly newsletters.  The whole purpose is to stay bit more connected to our friends, family, community and customers- the people that make up LeSeuer Car Company.  We hope you enjoy.

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