Road Trip Preparedness

By: Kris LeSueur   |   06 Apr 2017
LeSueur Car Company

Spring is here and Summer is coming quickly and many of us will be embarking on the glorious American tradition of road trips with the family.  Road trips can be fun as long as you are properly prepared. 

Here are some great tips for you and the family as you head out on your travels.  

1) Top priority is directions, sure we all have Navigation now, but what if you have a technical issue? Make sure to print out a hard copy of your directions and a map of the area just in case.

2)  Entertainment is critical, especially for the kids.  This is what tablets were made for!  Kids can enjoy reading, playing games and watching movies all on one device.  Just be sure they have headphones.  Activity and coloring books can serve as a nice break from the screens.

3)  Make sure car seats are comfortable and bring some small pillows and a blanket, because passenger naps give everyone a break.

4)  Bring some paper towels or baby wipes to clean up any spills or mess and don’t forget some tasty snacks and refreshments to keep the hungry grumps at bay!

5)  Of course be sure to do a pre-trip inspection on your vehicle.  Check the tire pressure and tread wear along with fluid levels just in case. Drive safe, and most importantly... Have fun! 

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