Cloth Versus Leather Seats

By: Kris LeSueur   |   23 Aug 2017

It’s a common debate in the world of cars; cloth or leather seats? Each have their own pro’s and con’s so continue to reading to figure out which option is best for you!


Cloth seats are usually standard equipment for most cars, so a vehicle with fabric seats usually cost less than a vehicle with leather seats. This is because fabric or cloth materials are much easier and cheaper to create and install. Whereas leather seats take quite a long time to create. We’ll save you the gritty details, but the leather making process can take days or weeks to make- with luxury models sometimes months. This why vehicles with  leather seats are more expensive.


The downside with cloth or fabric interiors is that they will not be odor, liquid or stain resistant like leather interiors are. So if you spill something in your car, it may take awhile to get that stain out or smell. On the upside, cloth seats do not require the maintenance leather seats require. Although leather seats are stain and odor repellent, you do still have to lotion them. If not, they will crack and wear over time, decreasing the value over time.


When it’s cold or hot outside, cloth or fabric interiors will not hold the temperature. Therefore, you won’t be subjected to a burned or frozen backside. Unlike leather, cloth is a more porous material. Leather retains the heat it absorbs in the sunshine, and loses it quickly in cold weather.


Both leather and cloth interiors have their advantages and disadvantages. It all comes down to what what you value most in a car.


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