Benefits of Spending Your Tax Return on Great Car

By: Kris LeSueur   |   28 Feb 2018

Tax season is in full swing; how do you usually spend that big return? Do you go on a lavish vacation, or tackle a major home renovation? Do you buy a new designer handbag? How about a used car?! Here at LeSueur Car Company, we have helped thousands get into the car of their dreams using their tax refund!

Continue reading to find out the benefits of using your tax refund on a used vehicle! 

Lower Monthly Payment

One of the most popular uses of a tax refund is to use that refund for a down payment on a vehicle. Many cusotmers choose to make a down payment on a vehicle because of the monthly savings they see on each monthly payment. It's simple, the more money you put down on the car, the less your monthly payment will be!

This allows people to save more money so they can spend it on other enjoyable things.

Great Investment

Using your tax refund as a down payment is also a great investment in the long run! Instead of using your money on other things that won’t matter in a couple of years, you can invest in something that will that will hold its value.

No matter what you choose, any vehicle is useful!

Boosts Up Your Credit

If your credit history isn't the best,  spending your tax return on a used car is a great way to kickstart the credit rebuilding process! By providing a large down payment, loan companies see that you mean business and are more willing to offer a great loan. The payments can help you rebuild your credit just within a couple of months! 

Other Ways to Save at LeSueur Car Company

If you are on the hunt for a great quality used vehicle at an affordable price, we invite you to shop with us today. We frequently host sales events (including our current $300 off coupon) where you can find great deals on several models. Right now, we even have sever 2018 model vehicles in our inventory that are basically brand new without the brand new price tag!

To learn more, call 480-389-0779, or visit our website.

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