Safety Tips for Driving During a Storm

By: Kris LeSueur   |   29 Mar 2018

Unless it's Monsoon Season, Arizona doesn't get much rain...But when it does, most drivers don't know how to drive in it!  

Here at Lesueur Car Company, we want to make sure you stay safe while driving in bad weather- no matter when it hits. Continue reading to learn some ways to reduce the risk of crashing during storms.

Stay Alert

No matter how much experience you may have as a driver, it is easy to fall into bad habits. When it’s raining out, it’s good to pay extra attention, no matter how often you’ve driven the route you’re on.

If you are extra alert during a storm or downpour, your reaction time can increase, as opposed to zoning out during a familiar path and potentially not seeing an oncoming vehicle until it is too late.

Turn On Your Lights

Make sure your lights are on!  Even if it’s in the middle of the day, turning on your headlights will create better visibility, both for you and for the other drivers. Being able to spot your vehicle will help prevent others from overlooking your car.

Just be sure to turn on your lights, not your brights!  The high beams of your brights can reflect off the rain and make it even more difficult for you to see.

Stay Calm

If you start to skid, don’t panic! Remain calm, even if you lose control of your vehicle. Try to keep a clear head and steer in the direction you want to go. DO NOT slam on the breaks-this will make you slide and overcorrect.

To help prevent crashing into the cars ahead of you, make sure you keep your distance—even more than you usually would in good weather. Try to make sure your tires are in good shape to prevent losing traction on the road.


Above all, if you think it’s too dangerous to drive, you are probably right! Wait for the rain or storm to stop. Do you have any more tips for us? Comment below!


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