All You Need to Know About the VW I.D. BUZZ

By: Kris LeSueur   |   23 Jul 2018

Volkswagen recently came out with a press release regarding their production of the I.D. BUZZ, which is an electric vehicle that mimics the Microbus. This model was originally a concept car shown in Detroit earlier this year, and its response was positive enough to spur VW to take the next steps toward production. Continue reading to find out more about this fully electric vehicle, and what it will look like when it hits a dealership near you.


What is The I.D. BUZZ?

The I.D. BUZZ is set to appear in dealerships in 2022, and it will be targeting those in Europe, China, and North America. Volkswagen knows that their cars aren’t solely successful because of their superior mechanics, but also because of the feelings they evoke. Specifically, the Microbus has seen huge success in coastal cities like LA and San Francisco, and the I.D. BUZZ delivers that iconic style without the excessive fuel usage. They hope the I.D. BUZZ will usher in a new generation of those who will connect with the VW brand for many years to come.


The Interior


This car uses space in an innovative way, so those inside won’t feel like they have to elbow fellow passengers out of the way. The wheelbase is long and the overhangs are short, making for the boxy, efficient shape that is so beloved. In fact, lovers of the Microbus will see a lot of similarities between this vehicle and the ones of yore. Updates include multi-variable seating, and interactive connectivity for a smoother, more intuitive drive. Electric cars simply don’t need the same space as a traditional gas-guzzler, so buyers get a car that may seem like a van but is much more like a bigger SUV. It was its versatility as much as its looks that brought such a strong emotional response from those at the Detroit Auto Show. The I.D. BUZZ will be available with an all-wheel drive option as well.


Two Options for Drivers

The I.D. Buzz wasn’t just made for hauling people. Volkswagen knows that this vehicle can serve a lot more markets, so there will be an I.D. BUZZ CARGO version available for commercial use. For any company who wants to cut down on their carbon footprint, this zero-emissions vehicle will be a perfect choice. For those who want to command self-driving fleets, it will be available with Level 3 autonomous capability. This means that the car can drive itself and monitor its environment (though there will need to be a human available for emergencies.) CEO of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles thinks this will be invaluable to those delivering goods to the inner cities.


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