How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

By: Kris LeSueur   |   24 Oct 2019

While vehicles and their technology systems have become smarter over the years, over 770,000 people experience car theft each year the US.

At LeSueur Car Company, we want to help keep your vehicle safe from thieves, which is why we put together a list of things you can do to protect your car.

Choose Your Parking Spot Wisely  

At home

Driveways and garages are the most secure places to park your car. However, there are plenty of extra measures you can take to ensure your vehicle is safe:

  • Park as close to your house as possible. Criminals are less likely to approach a car that can be seen easily.

  • Park in front of a large window; open spaces are likely to deter criminals.

In a Parking Garage

Park close to other cars in a parking garage. When you isolate your vehicle, thieves are less exposed to passers-by and, in turn, are more likely to steal your vehicle.

On the Road

If you are leaving your vehicle on a main road, park it under a street lamp. This way the area is well lit and criminals are less likely to linger.

If visiting a café or restaurant, try to park your vehicle where there is a window; criminals may be more hesitant to approach your vehicle if customers are in view.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Many car thefts occur when belongings are left in view. Valuables, such electronics, wallets, purses, etc. should be tucked out of sight.

It is also a good idea to keep book bags and coats out of sight, as criminals could mistake them for concealing valuables. Also, remember to remove any paperwork including your name and address, as thieves could use this information to commit identity theft.

Stow Your Car Keys Carefully 

When you are at home, avoid leaving keys near doors, open windows, or in a place they can be seen easily. If you have a mailbox attached to your front door, ensure your car keys are out of reach from it; criminals can fish through a mailbox with a hooked wire and snatch the keys from the inside.

Add Extra Security

If you live in a dangerous area, or simply want extra protection, you may want to think about installing extra security measures on your vehicle. For instance, installing a tracker will help police locate your car if it gets stolen. Additional measures, such as adding steering wheel locks and warning stickers, may also help deter thieves.

Why Choose LeSueur Car Company

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