Innovative Car Tech That’s Going to Change Your Life!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   28 Sep 2020

The automotive future is bound to get better because of innovative high-tech trends like AI, solar power, and biometrics. Let us take a look at the new technology heading our way!

Gesture-Based Entry

Yes! We have had key-less cars around since the 1980s, but the keys have evolved with technological advances. Several manufacturers have different names for their smart key systems like Toyota calls it a Smart Key, Nissan has an Intelligent Key System, whereas BMW calls it a Magic Key. These systems and entries may go gesture-based shortly, eliminating the need for a key!  You might get to open the trunk by making a kicking motion with your foot under the rear of your car! It could take a while adjusting to the system, but no doubt, it'll come in handy when you are loaded with shopping bags from your grocery run.

Self-Healing Tires

This might be the solution to one of the biggest inconveniences, every 46,000 miles; there's likely to be a puncture! Self-healing tires have two types:

  • Self-Sealing Tires
  • Run-Flat Tires

While self-sealing tires are still under development, the run-flat tires are already here. These tires allow you to continue with a puncture but at a slower speed. BMW is already using them.

German scientists are already testing rubber compounds and technologies that will repair itself at room temperature in around seven days. The carbon and nitrogen additives tend to allow crucial rubber bonds to repair.

An unscheduled roadside stop might just become history in a few years!


This new concept not only detects your pulse but also detects your breathing to recognize the driver with a multifunctional control element activated with one's palm. Before this becomes a reality, cars will monitor drivers very closely for various reasons and pay attention to the acts of driving to optimize safety in the event of a crash. It will also be used to tailor infotainment experiences for each passenger.

Biometrics will help accomplish these goals!

Solar Powered Cars

Solar is finally making meaningful inroads as supplementary power sources for new vehicles, and this trend isn't for the luxury cars alone; it's for everyone!

Korean automakers claim that the roof arrays will generate enough juice to provide for an additional 800 miles per year, and this technology will be live in their Sonata Hybrid Model. Come to think of it, 800 miles is quite significant!

The technologies mentioned above and products are promising and will change how we go around our vehicles. Another life-changing automotive tech right now is the in-dash ordering and automotive payments for your daily needs. Be it food, gas, tolls, or parking; pay from your car using voice commands. Here's to a high-tech and much safer experience on the roads!

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