Driving in the Future: What Your Car Might Look Like!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   05 Oct 2020

With the fast revolution and betterment in technology, things have fundamentally changed a lot, and the features in the modern machinery that were too good to be true, are all true and much better things are in the making.

Many progressive changes have been made in cellphones, medical technology, space technology and vehicles etc. especially cars, have been modified by adding onto them great features assuring safety and comfort. Many other superb changes are added into the future generation cars, including voice commands for your vehicle.

Voice Command Feature

The voice command feature means that now your car will have Alexa and Siri-like personal assistant. This feature will be beneficial as it will let you communicate and control many functions via voice commands. This feature in cell phones had proved to be very useful, so the innovative community thought that this might prove to be a progressive and modern step for a better future of the cars. This will make many things easier for drivers like helping them find parking space, finding garages according to your preferences, and using your credit card. All you'll have to do is say what you want.

Mechanic on Wheels

Mechanic on wheels is another feature that we will see in the future cars; this will enable the car to recognize its defaults, letting you know if something is wrong with your vehicle. The vehicle will diagnose the error, and if it needs to be taken to a mechanic, it will book an appointment itself and book the best deals. It will also be able to renew its insurance.

Better Map Features

In the future generation cars, we will also see a modification in the map features; the maps will have a broader criterion. Its route comparison analysis will be better, allowing you to travel through the least polluted routes, letting older people and people with respiratory issues chose ease.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are already in production; if it passes its safety tests, it will provide a great deal of comfort for old, disabled and young people who can't afford expensive means of transport. The custom-designed vehicle is too good to be true! Although it seems like it will cost you a fortune, if it allows you to choose the features you want and create your dream vehicle, then it is a game-changer; it will be expensive but worth it!

The Doctor Feature

The most important and valuable feature the future cars will offer will be a doctor in the car that will monitor the driver’s health while he’s on his routine drive. It will be a great asset for people with diabetes and heart issues.


Another fantastic feature, Brain-assisted vehicles, will also be seen in future cars; this will play a key role in avoiding car accidents. It will use brain wave technology and make the drivers act faster. It might seem challenging because the driver might have to wear a bulky headset, but teams are working on wireless technology.

Augmented Reality

Intelligent dashboards or 'Augmented reality' dashboards are already a reality in BMW vehicles, and accoridng to industry experts, a huge percentage of new cars will incorporate them by 2020.

A boom for safety, these features project information such as speed and turn-by-turn directions onto the windshield directly in the user’s field of vision — so there's no need to take your eyes off the road.

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