Transform Your Truck into anything you want: Here’s how!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   12 Oct 2020

Gone are the days when a truck used to be just a power vehicle, today it can be transformed into much more. From your travel partner to a mini-house, it can be everything you ever dreamed of. Here’s how!

The early 20th century saw a rise in Americans seeking a more expeditious means of hauling material that could be strapped atop or crammed into a motor vehicle. This frenzy of vehicle DIY-ing soon took over, and many truck owners transformed their vehicles into the perfect luxury travel companions. 

In rural areas, the trucks serve a double purpose as it is often used as a pick-up to and from the church to escaping a few hours of isolation on the farm and driving to the nearby town.

However, with rising metropolitan incomes and the growing popularity of camping and other outdoor activities, acquiring newer and better kempt pick-ups with the unheard comforts and conveniences like leather seats, air conditioning and power steering became a regular sight.

Today we see pick-ups having a more practical application, and a considerable number of people own pick-ups as a 'lifestyle vehicle' or 'lifestyle statement.' The 'ready-to-go' and mobile lifestyle suits many millennials, and they have transformed these pick-ups into proper studios, live-in spaces and internet stations. Some of the older pick-up owners still fancy the traditional pick-ups, but the millennials and generation Z have upped the game by making the most of its available space.

Truck Bed Picnic

Make the most of your truck's bed. Grab some pillows, and instead of throwing a blanket on the grass, you can transform the space into an ideal picnic spot! Park your vehicle at your favorite spot and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Movie Night

The same truck bed can be transformed into a mini-theater. Grab a stand-alone TV screen and play your favorite movie. A lovely time out under the stars is a perfect summer activity.

Studio Space

Pick-up trucks have enough space to make room for your studio. You can install all the equipment in the truck-bed and work as you move across the states.

Live-in Space

This is a new trending lifestyle where people live in their vehicles and hitchhike across the country. Truck manufacturers are now focusing on fuel economy and vehicle dependability.

Shortly, we might get to see more of trucks with high-end and innovative technologies as youngsters find it a better option. It's not just a vehicle; it's a home and office station at the same time. Marketing experts believe that potential buyers look for maximum usability when it comes to buying a big vehicle. It has to serve its purpose on the campsite, at the picnic spot and the gathering. It should be able to transform into your bedroom and jamming place at the same time.

In the future, we'll get to see more of such pick-ups.

If you own a truck and want it transformed, visit us at LeSueur Car Company.

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