Winters and Vehicles: Top 5 Problems to Look Out For!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   02 Nov 2020

Winters and snowfalls are a time to celebrate for most, but if your vehicle has been on the road for some time, things can get bad for you!

The onset of winter means it's a good time to ensure your vehicle's maintenance because freezing temperatures can lead to issues with your cars.

Here are the five most common problems—and how to prevent them this year!

Dead Battery

This can be a hassle in the morning and has the potential to ruin your entire day. Dead batteries in the morning during winters are a regular sight, and people struggling with getting their cars ready is not something new to us. It is better to get your battery tested and checked in time before the first snowfall so that you're well prepared and ready to speed your way up!

Deflated Tires

Deflated tires is another problem, and in temperatures below 32 degrees, they can loosen up to two psi for every degree. It is important to check your tire pressure and irrespective of the myths that surround deflated or low psi for driving on snow, keep your tires at normal pressure or as per manufacturer's recommendation.

Spark Plugs

Winters are bound to give your vehicle a tough time, don’t pile it up for your engine with bad spark plugs. It is better to get them checked or have them replaced before the weather gets worse.

Frozen Windshield Pipers

A downpour or a blizzard will definitely test your windshield and pipers. Try to get hinge-less winters wiper blades if you live in a harsh region because these wipers have no metal points. Therefore no ice can accumulate on them. If you live in a part where there's no blizzards or snowfalls, then you'll be good to go with a thorough cleaning of your windshield.


Fundamental physics, the winters will increase the density and viscosity of thick car fluids like engine oils and transmission fluids. It can also wear out the internal seals and gaskets of your vehicle. Look out for leakage and low engine temperature to deal with it.


The road salt laid down to melt the ice and help prevent slide-offs can stick to your car's metal components. If it's left there, it can cause these to corrode. Wash vehicles regularly to protect the undercarriage, brakes and wheel wells.

Winters call for a more thorough assessment of your vehicle, and it is even more important to take care of your car's needs. Common problems are more likely to occur and to avoid the hassle of car repairs; basic routine maintenance will help.

Keep your tires, engine fluids, car battery, and ignition components in tip-top shape. If you live in a city, it is tempting to avoid driving altogether in winter, but it is important to take out your car regularly to make sure it doesn't break down. Lessen your chance of flat tires, a dead battery, or sludgy engine fluids by taking a long drive once a week.

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