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By: Kris LeSueur   |   16 Nov 2020

Communities are formed when like-minded people come together. We live in a global age, which means that everything is connected and people are closer more than ever. Like any sports fan club or a music fan club, there is a dedicated community of people who share the same passion and love for vehicles! The world is filled with groups and communities sharing a love for cooking, football, even Game Of Thrones, but to us petrolheads, cars are so much more than a defined ‘interest.’ We are characterized by a passion that infiltrates our lives on a much deeper level. The stronger the force, the tighter a community, which is probably why you are reading this article!  When you are not driving our cars, you are socializing online with fellow car enthusiasts and subconsciously consuming any car facts and figures we can get our minds on. Because as the world progresses, technology advances, and so does every tiny detail related to cars. Can’t miss out!

More Than Just a Hobby!

For every car enthusiast, cars are more than a hobby; they are a lifestyle. While that may sound corny, it isn’t wrong. You may find yourself sitting at your computer constantly searching for new cars to buy, listening to hours of VinWIKI or other YouTubers. Or, you may spend all of your free time in the garage, chances are you already know everything in this list, and the best part is that you’re not alone. Come to think about it, being a petrolhead today is simply awesome because you have access to an inexhaustible source of quality car content for zero cash; including the buying guides on PistonHeads, the 30-minute hypercar reviews from Chris Harris, and world-class photography on Flickr! YouTube car spotters and professional publishers alongside today’s teenage bloggers, work in perfect harmony to create content the car community can access at any time!

Unlimited Content

There is never-ending content available online due to the technical complexity of motor vehicles today. There's a lot to learn about how cars work, and our knowledge about differentials, aerodynamics, and transmissions is never complete, which fuels our thirst to carry on educating ourselves! There is always more knowledge and detail available concerning the topics you dig. Since this year has been mostly about staying indoors, it has proved to be excellent for the car community to broaden their knowledge and expertise areas. This particular community is filled with people who share and pass on their knowledge to their fellows by creating platforms that educate newcomers and hold expert opinions. 

If you are looking for suggestions, recommendations, or simply an insight into the new engine or interior of a specific model, you will have it in no time. There is always someone who shares the same niched taste as you! And in one glance, you know that you and the stranger would be best buds if you knew each other. The both of you made the same great decision/mistake in choosing the car you’re driving, and fate has brought the two of you together for this short journey on the road. Sometimes you look over and nod.

Sometimes you take the extra effort to roll down the window and throw a wave and a quick rev. After all, this is what connects us all!

Stay safe and stay indoors!

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