Car Door Locks: An Overview

By: Kris LeSueur   |   21 Dec 2020

One often wonders about the origin of car locks and if it was a thing in the past! How did motorists in the past prevent their vehicles from being stolen or protect their valuables inside the car? Well, it's a long story, and it illustrates how theft protection became necessary in the first place. It also shows that people could only safely leave their valuables in the car when it had lockable doors, windows, and a roof. Even in times of keyless and remote locking, protecting cars and their contents from thieves remains a challenge to this day, and it is only natural that we look for the most advanced and technologically innovative door locks for ourselves that are safe to use at the time.

Previously, cars used an ignition key and in the 1900s, starting the car was a hassle in itself, which is why car theft wasn't very popular as only trained drivers could do so. However, with the rotary ignition switches came the possibility of car theft, and there was a need to protect the cars from being stolen as they were relatively easier to drive.

Today there are multiple standards and types of car door locks and the more advanced model you own, the better will be the quality of the locks. Irrespective of that, nowadays there's plenty of door locks available on the market that can be installed separately on your doors for better security. Each lock type has its benefits and drawbacks that should be assessed based on your needs and requirements!

The Standard Key Entry

These are the most basic car door lock systems and are available in older car models. It involves a standard lock that's operated with a key. Regardless of the numerous options, customers prefer these locks and are still a solid choice. They are inexpensive to change or fix when compared to other options, and the spare key is easily available in case you lose yours!

Electronic Locks

New models are fitted with electronic locks that come with an electronic key fob, allowing you to operate the locks. In comparison, they are considered more efficient, making it more difficult to break into your car, thus ensuring and promising more security. In case you lose your key, replacement keys can be much more expensive because they have to be coded for your exact car!

Child Locks

Most cars already have an in-built safety lock at the back door, and they aim at keeping your child from opening the door in the back.

The Keyless Entry

These locks eliminate the need for a key as they work with a key fob which detects the keypad attached to the door. They are very secure and will not allow the engine to engine unless the key fob is within its range! It comes with a major drawback, and it is the cost of replacement. However, the added security makes it all worthwhile!

Door locks have evolved over the years and continue to do so as technology advances. The main thing here is to know what you need and what your preferences are!

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