OBD Monitor: Best Car Health Monitors for Your Car!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   28 Dec 2020

It is always a struggle when the check engine light comes up on the dashboard, and one hopes and prays that it is a false positive! It doesn't leave much to choose as you can either leave it be and expect it disappears or take your car for a quick checkup. If you are one of those people who would like to diagnose the issue themselves before going in, The OBD monitor is for you!

OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) Monitor is a gadget that connects to your car's Engine Control Unit. It collects data over time and lets you know when a certain part needs attention. Not just that, they can even analyze your driving habits and track your car's whereabouts!

OBD: How does it work?

The system is plugged in and then waits for the monitoring conditions to assess your vehicle's health and working.

Observes performance and signals the driver regarding component or sub-system failure.

Verifies overall functionality and tracks malfunction criteria.

Notifies the owner beforehand to prevent losses.



OBDI systems dominated the market in the 80s, which is why they are currently outdated. 


OBDII gained immense popularity in the 90s, and by the mid-90s, most vehicles adopted the newer versions. It is a much powerful and improved toolkit with accurate processors and diagnostic capabilities. Today, they use complex codes for better efficiency and performance!


They are a type of OBDII device that acts as a scanner when plugged into your vehicle. The information is displayed on the built-in screen, and they are available in a range of prices from low to high. The


Wireless OBDII devices—also referred to as WiFi scanners or Bluetooth in their descriptions are small health diagnosis devices that stay plugged into the OBD port. It sends the information to your connected devices, phone or computer!

What are the Benefits of an OBD?

Know What's up!

Always know what's up when it comes to dash lights with their easy and readable signals! 

Pay the right Price:

When you know what's wrong with your car and know what needs fixing, you will never be overcharged. With OBD installed, you can look up the issues and get your vehicle assessed accordingly.

Easy of Use:

All you need to do is install or plug it in and read the information. It retrieves reliable data and lets you know as need be!

Save Extra trips!

Auto stores offer various health monitoring services—a few even provide it for free. But if you don't have one near you or don't want to go to the store anytime there's an issue, using one at home can be even more convenient.

Why OBD?

OBD installation is deemed necessary and vital for cars today owing to their wide-ranging benefits, such as:

  • A robust and effective emission control
  • Inexpensive emission inspections
  • Support for vehicle health and driver safety
  • Prevention of secondary malfunctions
  • Elimination of unnecessary repairs
  • Early detection of problems

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