Apple Car Speculation: Features, Rumors and Expectations!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   04 Jan 2021

There have been several rumors concerning Apple’s automotive projects, but the secrecy surrounding this has left consumers wondering if it will ever happen! Apple’s ‘Project Titan’, suggests two things: self-driving cars or car design. As per the initial reports, there were rumors that Apple has designed an entire vehicle ‘Apple Car’, but there has been a shift of focus several times!  However, recently the stories have gained momentum again, and it is speculated that Apple Car is still alive and under consideration as a central element to Project Titan.

This project had proceeded unevenly ever since 2014 when Apple decided to design its car from scratch. Most experts associate this delay with leadership failure. Still, Apple has been persistent in its efforts.

With Apple veteran Doug Field’s return in 2018, Apple accelerated its production efforts and is now set to release its first automotive vehicle by 2024!

What To Expect?

Here is what we know about the features and specs so far:

Apple aims to build a personal vehicle for the mass market, and it contrasts with rivals like Alphabet Inc’s Waymo. It has made robo-taxis and offers passengers with a driverless ride-hailing service! Since the design is self-driving, Tesla might face some competition because Apple’s goal is to maximize the battery and radically reduce the associated costs. There is no doubt that sourcing parts for an automotive project will be a challenge for Apple, but there is no other company in a better position.

It is rumoured that Apple’s car might feature multiple lidar sensors for scanning different distances. Apple’s latest iPhone 12 pro and Ipad Pro models currently have this technology and rightly so, the same can be used in this project!

Battery Design

Further, Apple plans on using a unique mono cell design, which means that the cells will be bulked up inside the battery. It means more free space inside the battery as it eliminates the pouches and modules which hold the battery materials. This design also promises a longer range due to more active material being packed inside. Although, the chemistry is still under exploration and Apple is looking into LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) which is inherently prone to overheat, thus safer than the lithium-ion batteries.

It is without a doubt that manufacturing still poses a challenge for Apple. Developing a global manufacturing network like Tesla doesn’t happen overnight, still, Apple might utilize its existing partnerships under license to do so.

The battery design is promising, and it is worth the wait to see if Apple can come up with something as speculated. The world is changing, and soon we’ll need more electric cars so the more, the merrier!

Apple has designed several promising operating systems and certainly, creating the car from scratch is no big deal to its experts. However, manufacturing still poses a question mark. It took Tesla 17 years before they turned in a profit, Apple still has a market standing!


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