The Car Body Shop: What to Expect!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   25 Jan 2021

Having a one-stop shop for all your car maintenance and repairs needs sounds like a dream come true! You can have it all, from having your car wrapped in vinyl sheets to transforming the headlights and seats. Most auto repair workshops specialize in one of the many things, and if the nearest car repair offers tires and engine checks, chances are you'll look for another shop for the luxury and 'look-good' considerations.


As a consumer, this sounds hectic, but if you are an owner who is considering expanding their business, here is what you should think about!

Now, paintwork can be quite expensive, and if not done right, it can potentially let down an expensive car doing the opposite of making a statement. Still, owing to the recent trends, consumers have been transforming their vehicles and making a statement!

Vinyl wrap is a more affordable alternative with benefits and advantages that are far more promising than the traditional paint. A photographic film is applied directly to your vehicle by using a graphics installer so you can add unique colors and accents to the car. Vinyl wrapping is a relatively new technique and a process designed to provide a wide range of customization options while protecting your car paint at the same time. The thin film of vinyl offers a protective coating, which then acts as a barrier against debris and rocks the vehicle is subjected to daily.

Companies offer a wide range of colored vinyl to provide you with unlimited options for your car's exterior and the finishing you want.

Car Wash with a vinyl wrap

If the car is being used daily in a local vicinity, you should not delay a car wash for too long as all the dirt from the road or surroundings starts to accumulate, causing the paint to chip off. 

While you are washing your car or are at a car-wash facility, try not to use different soaps and detergents because it damages the paint. The use of soap car wash is prohibited in many countries and rightly so, as it is harmful to the environment. Go for biodegradable detergents that available in the market. Before starting the whole washing procedure, make sure the car is not under direct sunlight. Your vehicle's surface is hot, hot surfaces, and warm temperature causes the liquids you are using to dry quickly, leaving watermarks and detergent marks on the surface.

The vinyl wrap does an excellent job in protecting the original paint and texture of your car, but they do need to be cleaned and maintained for the perfect lasting finish. If you have high-quality graphics installed like the 3M graphics, then there are products designed specifically for car care so that the pictures or graphics look their best leaving an impression that cannot be ignored.

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