The Minimalistic Approach to Buying a Car!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   01 Feb 2021

If you are here reading this piece, chances are you have already made up your mind. You might have saved up for it or taken out a loan; the objective is to make a decision you won't regret.

Your budget is the first significant factor here. It will decide your bracket and limit your options. Your choice and preference are often followed by the 'type' of car you want to drive around. Since it's the first car, let us go with the fact that you are looking for a second-hand car that is decent enough to move around.

Buying your first car is nothing short of an achievement. Your first car is a big decision and often a daunting task irrespective of your budget or preference. Most young adults prefer to ride on public transport and keep it light. But, whenever you buy your first car, it is bound to down as a significant moment in your life!

So what do minimalists look for when buying a car? Is it minimal money, minimal maintenance costs, or simply space? Here what you need to know!

First Rule

ECO-FRIENDLY. Yes, a minimalist car is eco-friendly, takes up relatively less space, and has few features, but promises efficiency and maximum value for whatever it takes from your pocket. If you are a minimalist living a sustainable life, your preferences would include a quality car used to avoid waste. You are not big on luxury and specs either as long as it gets the job done.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are the most viable option because they do not contribute to the environmental crisis and may also invert the current climate crisis.

There are many more sustainable options than gas cars, like the scarcely mentioned 'hybrid' cars. Although there is a little technical knowledge regarding hybrids that might discourage you from getting into it, hybrids are efficient cars that, unlike electric vehicles, don't need to be constantly charged when the battery is low on power.

Ask Yourself!

Still, most minimalists tend to choose against owning a car! But, if you have a job in another city, it requires you to have your vehicle to go from place to place during the workday. The car is an investment and tool to generate a paycheque in such a case so that the selection criteria will be purchase and running cost.

For instance, if I lived in a rural area or some outer suburbs, I would need a car to get to the nearest supermarket or use a combination of public transport, walking, and bicycling. The bicycle is just the lowest-priced solution available at KMart! Good for health, good for the environment!

An ideal vehicular situation would have the ability to get all of my material possessions simultaneously and put the back seat down and sleep in it comfortably.

A good part of the running costs will be insurance and taxes, so it is only smart to get a car that isn't luxurious. Go easy at the start and look for something of your taste that lies in the lower insurance groups.

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