Gadgets for the Road – Don't miss it!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   19 Apr 2021

Road trips are the best way to bond with your friends and family, ad enjoy your time! Everyone wants their road trip to be safe, smooth, and fun. There are plenty of ways to boost the fun with a lot of cool gadgets on the market. You don’t need to have a high-end car but add a few of these gadgets to make your road trip the most comfortable and enjoyable experience.

On a road trip, most people are concerned about the tidiness of the vehicle, cables, and how to avoid any mishaps. Well, these gadgets have you covered!


Want to read important messages? Or know who is calling? Or do you want to skip the song? Do you want to do it on a transparent screen above your wheel without losing focus? Well, the ‘HUDWAY cast,’ the too good to be true car gadget, is here to step up your game! This gadget will turn your device into an IOS or an android to a heads-up, displaying a transparent screen projecting the GPS on it. It is one of the latest automotive technologies in the market up to the high-end cars’ mark.

Too much Luggage?

Long road trips mean a lot of essential luggage; on road trips, while the vehicle is already crowded with friends and family, one needs to contain their gear. To avoid discomfort and have an easy road trip without worrying about where to put your luggage, Thule’s Motion XT XXL, the 22 cubic feet cargo box, is the solution to this problem. This stylish and stealthy cargo tool comes with the perfect lock system and an opening on either side, making access to gear easier.  It has a torque indicator that clicks as soon as it is fixed.


Road trips include all things, including eating inside the car; in a long road trip, you want your vehicle to be free of debris and clean inside because the slightest piece of dirt can turn your mood off, but the portable vacuum like ThisWorx is here to save the day. This portable vacuum cleaner is the perfect gadget to keep your vehicle clean and disturb your road trip. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to use! It can plug into your car’s 12-volt outlet and can pick up both wet and dry debris.

Best In-Car Gadgets!

On a road trip, one needs to be aware of the car conditions before they get worse. It is essential to know the vehicle’s tire condition on the go because a flat tire can easily mess up the trip. ZUS, Nonda’s latest in-car gadget, indicates the pressure in the car with the help of your cell phone. It lets you track the pressure in your tires from your device, so you are prepared for your next move without worrying about the tires! It detects slow leaks so you can fix them or change the tire. It takes care of the tires and has an anti-theft lock system that assures the safety of your vehicle. Along with all this, it also comes with a USB portal allowing you to charge your devices.

It is not wrong to say that you’ve hit the ultimate jackpot for your road trip if you get this gadget!

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