Practical Accessories For your Car!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   17 May 2021

Now that most outdoor activities have turned indoor, and the takeaways and trips are restricted to the cars only - here are the top accessories for you to make the experience bearable and practical!

A Phone Holder

Yes, why should this device be limited to Uber only? Having this device allows you to drive freely without worrying about the GPS or the distractions that come in the way. It is like your own mini-screen; super handy and super practical. A phone holder usually comes in standard sizes, which makes them compatible with almost any phone!

Carpet Spot Remover

Imagine getting rid of your carpet stains without having to go through the trouble of the rinse and wash! Amazon is currently flooded with such accessories, and the reviews hold that you only need to spray over the stains, and it fades out within a few minutes. Yes, it is that easy!

Escape Tracks

If you are from snowy regions, having your car stuck in the snow is not surprising! The lightweight escape tracks provide the necessary friction to your tires to move forward. If you are stuck in the sand or the snow - this gadget works equally well for both cases. You CANNOT go wrong with these!

Car Hooks

Now this something that may sound unconventional, but we all use the front seat heads as hooks to hang our pressed clothes when en route to a meeting or just traveling with some fancy clothes for an occasion. These hooks can be stuck to the seat head, like any other ring, and you can efficiently utilize the space to hang your clothes or bags properly. It will not annoy the passengers in the back seat!

Double-sided wheel desks

This is a must-have if you spend a lot of time in your car - that is, you eat and work from your car! The double-sided wheel desks can be attached to your steering wheel. One side of the desk allows you to hold your food while you drive as it has a cup holder and plenty of space to accommodate your everyday meals. Plus, if you flip the desk, it turns into an excellent workstation with ample space to hold your laptop, pens, and even your mobile phone! It is a dual-purpose tray that allows for intelligent space utilization, making it less awkward to eat and work! You can leave it in your car even on hot summer days; it is indestructible.

A Wet and Dry Vacuum

It is an excellent accessory for you if you have kids or are just generally messy in your car! The hard-to-reach spots are usually left unclean during car wash and services, and trying to clean them can be a hassle! It can hold around 2.5 gallons of liquid and the 6ft hose long cord makes it possible to reach just anywhere within your car! The clips are easy to open, easy to clean, and you can fit them into the smallest of places. The best bit is that it is NOT LOUD!

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