Gear up for Camping – Vehicle must-haves!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   24 May 2021

If you are an adventurous person and like to ride away with your family and friends to enjoy a vacation, it is time to do it differently. When their side of the world gets warmer, most people chose to go away for camping to a beautiful site. When someone is putting so much effort and wants to make the camping trip fun, why not make it more convenient with easy, affordable, and fun-boosting stuff. It is time to upgrade your camping vehicle and set it up with the most amazing up-to-the-mark gadgets in order to make your camping adventure more memorable and unique.


To save yourself or your friends and family from an inconvenience like a storm or other outside threat, particularly during the nighttime. A Fuloon is here to help as it is easily fixable with almost 90 percent of the cars. A fuloon is an inflatable bed that can be fixed in your back seat despite the area available. Having this on our camping adventure can be comfortable and even a lifesaver. An inflatable mattress guarantees comfort.

Road Shower

Camping means unclean environments, exposure to all sorts of dirt and insects, and of course, no comfortable place or clean water to wash it off. To solve this problem and have a somewhat cleaner camping trip, the road shower is here. A road shower can store up to 5 gallons of water. You don’t have to worry about it being cold because it comes with solar heating and pressure. Now no more muddy and unhygienic camp trips with this very convenient road shower!

Satechi Socket Extender

Camping is always fun with friends and family members. Everyone considers their gadgets very important in today's age, so when you are taking your friends better not disappoint them with low batteries in their devices. Satechi socket extender is here to help. It allows 5 USB ports and can work with 12 volts. It can be plugged into the car powers port and perform wanders. This gadget is a must on any trip.

Food and Safety

Camping doesn’t always have to be a big challenge, especially when cooking on camping adventures. Food can be hard to catch, especially properly cooked food. It is better to sneak a burton digital stove to go along with your other luggage. This stove can heat up to a good 350 degrees while connected to the car’s power port. It is very handy with its precise cooking technology. It is really good for soups and casseroles!

Camping can be creepy and anxious if one is not used to insects and crawlers moving around their bed. The sky tent is here to make sleeping on camping adventures way more convenient than you thought. The sky tent can be attached to almost any roof rack, and also it provides you a mattress for your perfect camping night without any creepy crawlers. This assures a safe, good night's sleep and another upgrade to your camping adventure!

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