What's New – The Automotive Paint Technologies!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   07 Jun 2021

The field of automotive paint is constantly on the rise with new technologies to improve the appearance as well as the functional experience the vehicle has to offer!

A number of different technologies are being considered to revolutionize the area to offer the best visual experience to the customers. Here are the top picks!

Reflective Paints

The super-reflective paint technology is a glass-based paint that consists of potassium silicate and silica. Now, most paints absorb the sun rays and based on the color of your vehicle; it contributes to the heat inside! the super reflective pigments do not absorb the sun rays but reflects it ultimately. It results in a more extraordinary car and is environmentally friendly. It is available on select models currently but will soon be available to all customers!


How fascinating does that sound? The idea of never having to wash your car is just amazing! In 2016, it was announced by Nissan that they are experimenting with a super-hydrophobic self-cleaning paint! It is similar to the 'never wet' products where particles like dirt and oil simply slide off the surface of the paints. The results would be a clean car - always! Given that the paint is self-cleaning, it will help you save a lot of water and would help you save car wash bills as well! Not only is this paint a piece of good news for the pro-environmental people and activists, but it is equally impressive for the lazy lads who do not like the idea of going to the car wash every week!


self-healing paints! Saving on your car wash is one thing, but never having to worry about the condition of your car paints is just another level of luxury we are looking forward to! Nissan is a pioneer in this as well, since they have experimented with self-healing paints.

It works by repairing the paint molecules; if you scratch your car surface, the paint molecules will make their way back to where they have been disconnected! The working is much similar to that of your skin, but the paint technologies work much faster than the human body, making it among the most fantastic technologies. The formula is based on chitin which is found in the shells of lobsters and crabs. The molecules are activated by the sun, so if there is a scratch on your car, the paint will simply repair itself when you are on your way!

Yes, the paint can heal itself in less than an hour. This technology sounds very promising. However, it still under experimentation to perfect before it is made available on a commercial scale. Watch yourself in the driveway and parking lots till then!


Other technologies include heat-sensitive paints, which will change color once exposed to a different temperature. It means that you can have your favorite colors simultaneously and stop being indecisive about the color of your vehicle!

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