Tires – Emerging Technologies!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   14 Jun 2021

Tires are one of the essential components of the car. It is best to invest a good deal when choosing or replacing tires! There are different types of tires depending upon their quality, and if the correct choice is not made while choosing tires - one might face difficulties soon. Cheap and old tires might make you think they will do the work for you, but a vehicle must be treated well as it is a lifelong friend. In today’s age, companies have focused on improving the quality of tires and making more high-end tires. Good tires' qualities include cornering grip, durability, less fuel consumption, internal noise, and aquaplaning.



The advancement in the tire industry involves the improvement of many aspects, even on the macro-level. Chemical compounds have been worked on with the help of advanced research by professionals. With the help of these advancements, the grip of the tires is improved on challenging surfaces like snow. The design industry has worked hand in hand with the tire industry, mainly what led to such incredible advancements.


The design of different patterns has primarily impacted the grip of new tires, allowing them to work flawlessly against challenging environments.

Tread patterns, sidewall designs, and improved tires have made them more reliable and convenient than ever.

Run-Flat Tire

One of the incredible and most user-friendly advancements bought to the user by tire companies is the run-flat tire. This remarkable phenomenon gives drivers the edge to drive enough distance in order to reach a safe place. This improvement will allow the car to be driven for almost 50 miles even after sufficient air loss after a puncture.


Tire manufacturers, engineers, and vehicle designers have worked for hand in hand to improve the standards of the car. They have so far ended up with incredible advancements allowing tires to reach a high-end standard and making them stealthy enough to work well through harsh environments.

Cars have been observed to have a constant improvement in their features. From a technical perspective, significant and impressive tech has been made a part of the vehicle. With the overall advancements, tires have been a primary concern and have required the most focus!


Airless Tires?

Another advancement that focuses on airless tires is observed. Maintaining the air pressure and stress of a tire puncture has always accompanied a driver. With this high-end, idea more and more airless tires are introduced by tire companies.

Tires, however, are not so consistent, and any advancements made will be for the comfort of people and the protection of the environment.


Environment Friendly

One of the most thoughtful additions made to improve the status of cars without harming the environment has been the introduction of a type of tire whose sidewalls are home to living moss. This idea has been brought into practicality to improve oxygen levels in the air.

This moss enables photosynthesis irrespective if the car is moving or not; it will do its job and improve oxygen levels. 

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