Learning to Drive – Manual or Automatic?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   21 Jun 2021

Driving - an essential skill for every individual! From the very beginning, the ability to drive has never disappointed me. Driving is a life-saving skill, and every individual should learn at least basic driving skills.

When it comes to getting a grip on driving, beginners have two options - automatic and manual! As they are the two driving styles that people can practice. These options often confuse beginners as one is easier and more convenient, whereas the other option is complicated but sharper. The two options are thoroughly covered to help starters chose the driving practice that suits them the best.

Automatic Cars

The vehicle takes more control in the automatic transmission type, and less responsibility lies on the driver. Automatic cars can be perceived as more reliable than manual because they demand less attention from the driver. Automatic vehicles are more in control, and mediocre drivers find it a lot more convenient than manual transmission type. Automatic vehicles might come inexpensive and heavy on the pocket, but it is justified as this transmission type has revolutionized the driving skill altogether. The ease, convenience, and reliability of an automatic transmission type motivate more people to become drivers and take upon the responsibility themselves. Drivers who practice automatic transmission type relatively go through less physical and mental stress. Such cars are very convenient in traffic and highly signaled roads. Automatic vehicles can be a great go-to for beginners; once they learn the specs of automatic transmission type, they become aware and ready to handle a complicated vehicle that is the manual transmission type. Many people also shift from manual to automatic because it is easier to get a hold of and gives beginners more confidence in their driving experience.

Manual Type

Compared to the previous transmission type, manual vehicles are a lot more convenient, and good drivers can only be formed through a lot of driving experience on the manual transmission type. This type gives the responsibility of gear shifting to the driver, automatically demanding more attention and sharp senses. While driving a manual vehicle, a small amount of distraction that is it could be of milliseconds can lead to regretful outcomes. Manual transmission type creates sharp drivers, but to get a good grip of it, one must spend a lot of time practicing the driving technique and acquiring a balance and reasonable control of senses.

Manual vehicles are usually less expensive than automatic and have fewer repair expenses. Manual cars consume less fuel, but now, with advancement in the automatic transmission type, the gap is filled. Manual vehicles give the driver a sense of control that old school driver like to have. The coordination between clutch, gas and shifting should be mastered. Manual cars are harder to manage in trafficked areas and can be exhausting in challenging areas!


While the choice is entirely yours, manual cars can be better for the beginners in terms of grip and control. Plus, you can drive an automatic car anytime, the manual gears are the real struggle!

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