Safety Features – What's New?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   28 Jun 2021

Cars come with the necessary safety features, and most of the time, they are updated with the newer models having better, and improved kits, gadgets, and parts! The components can include assistive technology kits like Ford's co-pilot 360 or blind-spot monitoring to provide the semi-driving experience! While the features sound like game-changers, it is essential to consider the extent and level of safety they offer while the drivers are on the road.


Blind-Spot Monitoring

The blind-spot monitoring feature enables sensors on the car, which alerts the drivers if there is a blind-spot. For instance, if light or an icon is glowing in the side mirror, it will either warn the driver or switch lanes in an attempt to clear the blind spot.


Lane Keep Assist

This feature helps the car retain the lane it is supposed to drive in. when it is on, it will beep and alert the driver if the car is drifting out of the lane. The aim here is to prevent the driver from snoozing off or getting distracted while on the road!


Automatic Brakes

For this feature, there are cameras installed in the front of the car. This is to facilitate the computer system to adapt to the speed of the traffic you are in. you can set the distance you would prefer to have from the car in the front, so if the traffic slows down, the car will adjust to the most appropriate speed.


Automatic Emergency Braking

The automatic energy braking (AEB) can be in vehicles alone, but when combined with forwarding collision warning (FCW) technology, it can reduce the chances of crashes significantly! The FCW alone and low-speed AEB can reduce rates of being rear struck in rear-end crashes by 12%, respectively.



This is one of the exciting features that come with the latest models. Telematics is a technology that employs GPS, accelerometer, and a gyroscope to monitor the driving behavior and then analyzes it to determine how safe a driver you are! The best bit is that you could use your car driving habits to save on car insurance premiums! It monitors the performance and driving behaviors via the dongle placed on the vehicle directly, and it can be paired with the apps on your smartphone.

The driving data collected over time is then further analyzed by car insurance companies to get a driver's real picture. Approximately six months' worth data can be recorded at a time! There is no doubt that better driving habits and data will get you a better insurance premium. with telematics, the insurer can be a better judge of the situation to comment on your driving style. Whether you drove around carefully for the sake of your insurance premium or if you are actually a safe driver!

Bear in mind that it can nerve-wracking having your driving monitored all the time, but the fact that it gets you to save on a car insurance policy is not too bad!

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