Luxury Cars – Features and More!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   05 Jul 2021

Luxury cars have an aura that attracts every eye, and the fantastic features are just the cherry on top! They are not just showstoppers given the style, but the same goes for their performance; looks turn heads and engines that can potentially move souls! Be it for the daily commute or a road trip with your loved ones, the boxes they tick are endless.

Here are the best features that you should look forward to if you plan to buy a car or rent one for your trip!

Seat Massagers

Yes, seat massagers are not limited to your living rooms now. Luxury cars like 201 Cadillac XTS come with this feature. They use vibration technology to stimulate blood flow in your lower back and lower thighs. So, next time you fasten your seat belt and set out on a long journey to meet friends or loved ones, do not worry about the cramps or fatigue that comes with driving!

Sky Control

This feature comes with the Mercedes SL, allowing the driver to control the amount of light entering the cabin. Using an electromagnetic glass panel that shifts the tint, the drivers can control how bright or dark the cabin should be. So, next time you travel in the summers in the scorching sunlight, don't forget to control the sky!


We all have heard about coolers and air conditioners, but the Volkswagen Phaeton has engineered the cooling technology and uses it for the seats specifically. This feature can be heavenly on a humid day. It is an amazing yet fancy feature, but fancy is what drives the industry since we are discussing luxury cars!

Steering Wheels

Steering wheels can feel as numb as the entire body in winters. Having heated steering wheels can solve this problem, and the 2016 Chrysler 300 does just that! Warm-up your hands while you drive.


Yes, the Rolls Royce, with their spirit of ecstasy, could gather attention from all sorts of people, potentially thieves as well! However, if you have your eyes set on a Rolls Royce, do not forget that the anti-theft technology in Rolls Royce is always working. The retractable surface under the ornament sucks in real fast when there is external pressure. Just remember that your fingers are more pressure!

Hidden Pockets

This one is one of the most incredible features found on the Porsche Carrera GT. it has hidden pockets on the sides of its door, and the coverup can hide all your valuable possessions when your car is parked somewhere else. Or when you have a surprise planned for your friend or a loved one. They will never find out unless they know a great deal about cars.

Do check out the pockets next time you are in Porsche!

Gear Knobs

The elevating gear knobs are just cool - they have no added or particular functionalities but exist only because they are cool! The Jaguar XF has gear knobs that elevate when you set out to drive and retracts when you park.

Just because the regular gear knob was too mainstream!


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