Tesla – Vision and Mission!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   12 Jul 2021

What is Tesla’s Motto?

Tesla's main motto is to provide people with a vehicle that is exceptional by all means. Tesla introduced electric cars, which can be taken as a profound service to the planet.


What is the E-Car system?

This car was based and built on an electric system instead of other gasoline dependent vehicles. The models introduced by tesla were a high end and efficient way to save the planet. The car batteries run on the solar source of energy. The challenging task of putting the infinite energy coming from the sun into use for the planet's ecosystem was handed elegantly and sharp mindedly by the engineers who formed tesla. Tesla aims towards a zero-emission future and thrives on reducing the use of fossil fuels. This grand plan will not only serve the people of today but might as well save the planet for the coming generations!

The car industry is among the most revolutionized industries globally; it is growing and becoming more convenient and reliable than other sectors. Electric vehicles are just another exemplary revolutionary take in the auto vehicle industry. Electric cars might as well be the future and replace gasoline cars slowly and gradually.


The Cutting-Edge Battery Technology!

In 2008 tesla revealed their cutting-edge battery technology, from where they announced the first all-electric model. The premium all electric-sedan from the ground up model-s is exclusively observed the best in the industry. This model lived up to more than expected; it had tight efficiency and provided high-end convenience for the owner. The model-s widely changed people's perspective on the car industry and proved to be the target vehicle for many car companies. After the model-s, the model-x was introduced by the company, which stood its class when it came to safety, reliability and convenience. Over the years, they raised more amazing models!


Why is Tesla so Expensive?

Tesla vehicles are known to be expensive, and a common person might not be able to get it! Still, the company focuses on making high-end all-electric vehicles that even a common person can afford. Every car company is aspiring to make electric vehicles more common and bring them into the market; that is supposedly the primary goal of the car companies in this age. If electric cars start getting manufactured commonly, and countries make suitable environments for the product, it will go down as a revolutionary step in the history of humankind. Gasoline cars are proving to be more of an intense threat to the planet day by day. Electric cars contribute to protecting the environment, but these cars will cost from little to almost nothing to the owners after purchasing as the cost of gasoline will be eliminated. Electric cars are undoubtedly the future, and tesla has done extraordinary work in bringing this idea into practicality.

The world will go forward to great technical ends with visions like these!

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