Robots in the Automotive Industry – What are they up to?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   26 Jul 2021

The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution given the advancements and progress in science and technology. Over the years, it has been among the fastest adopters of technology, and following similar lines, it has kept up with the introduction of robotics and industrial robotic technology. Currently, robotics are being used in multiple areas of the manufacturing process. The automotive industry as a whole remains one of the most automated industries and supply chains in the world. There are several robotic applications in this industry, but here are the top picks!

Following are the most commonly used robotic Applications:


Robots for Collaboration

The collaborative robots are built in a way to enable cooperation and work with other robots. They are usually found working on enormous assembly lines where they collaborate between tasks like welding, handling, or ensuring proper functioning of the lines to make the manufacturing process smooth. It is not just about the automotive industry. Still, any industry that requires accuracy and precision at a fast speed relies on robots and computers in one form or the other. Collaborative robots are here to save the day by ensuring the manufacturing process remains free of error without compromising on the quality in any way!


Paint Bots

Yes, paint robots are also a thing, and they are here to make up for the professional painters who may not be as consistent in their strokes as a robot. Also, professional painters are not easy to find, and the job is a highly toxic one given the exposure to paints. Hence robots are the perfect fit for this. They tend to waste less time, are more consistent, and total a smaller percentage of waste material leading to significant savings over time!


Robotic Welding

Welding is another essential application in the automotive industry which is applied to every car. The welding process has been automated for a while now. Since every vehicle needs multiple welds, it has significantly reduced the production time. 



Assembly is another crucial part of the manufacturing process. In the electronics industry, such assembly can be done manually, but given the weight and size of the components, it is impossible to assemble the components manually. In the majority of the automotive plants, robots are there to assemble the components, and often, it is the robots that perform the tasks at high motor speeds. Component installation can range from windshield installation to wheel mounting; the robots take care of it all!


Material Removal

Given the high level of consistency and repeatability, robots are perfect for such tasks as they can repeat tasks thousands of times without getting tired or feeling like the tasks are monotonous in any way! Be it cutting excess fabric, die castings, or polishing molds, the robots take care of the excess material and get rid of it. 

In addition to all this, robots are also set in place for transferring metal stamps, loading/unloading CNC machines, and many other applications that reduce downtime and increase productivity!

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