Wheels and Rims – What should I know?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   16 Aug 2021

Rims are an essential constituent of your wheels, and an upgrade can drastically change the overall appearance of your vehicle! Rims are available in different shapes, colors, sizes, and variations that fit every consumer's needs on the market. Whether you are looking for a worn-out look to appear more aggressive or some aesthetic design to enhance your vehicle's appeal, some excellent rims can increase the look and value of your car!


Among the many benefits of custom wheel rims, looks and appeal tops the chart. Customs wheels give your vehicle a unique and completely new look that can turn heads in a split second. The next thing is performance, as custom wheels perform better when the individual is off-road and racing. The off-road wheels are more potent and durable; hence, the lighter rims will keep the car's overall weight down while speeding on the track!

Safety is also a significant parameter. Bigger rims make the vehicle safer by putting the tire surface on the road and providing better traction. 

The rims are available in many materials ranging from steel, steel composite, one-piece cast aluminum, forged, billet, and modular. Some of the rims are single pieces, while others can include multiple pieces. The thing to consider is that multiple components need to be bolted together, hence providing you much more options without compromising on strength and durability. Also, the lighter the vehicle, the faster it can move. If horsepower maximization is important to you, then you should consider going for lightweight wheels!

Top Picks

Here are our top picks:

Marquee Staggered Rims

The Marquee staggered rims are an aggressive style, with a color combination of black and red. They are constructed with high-quality steel, and their luxurious design is sure to grab the attention once you are on1 the road! The rims are robust, large, and rugged to ensure an extended life. However, they are relatively expensive; given the sporty look it adds to your vehicle. Also, it only fits a specific type of car, so it is essential to check with the manufacturer if it is appropriate for your vehicle type!

Motegi Racing Matte Black Rims

The Motegi Rims have a matte finish and are developed using a tough and durable material with u-shaped solid holes that are easy to clean. They are created for rough use, for which the matte finish and large holes reduce the deposition of debris and dust. It also allows a clear view through the brakes, and the wheels are compatible with several vehicles. However, they are also suitable for heavier use but do not include the lug nuts at purchase!

Road Ready Car Rims

The road-ready rims are made up of sturdy gray aluminum with a pleasing design and increased durability. They are compatible with the OEM equipment; they are easy to install and use with various vehicle types. The downside to this rim is that it can weigh around 30 pounds each, which is too heavy! Also, they do not include the lug nuts, sensors, valve stems, or wheel covers.

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