E-Class Windscreen – New Technology!

By: Kris LeSueur   |   18 Oct 2021
E-Class Windscreen – New Technology!

Windscreens - New technology!

Windscreens can easily get damaged during accidents, which is why you should always go for a stealthy quality and get it worked up by some experienced people. Windshields can be left with a crack dent or destruction by contact with a small stone, debris, or any object; even objects light enough that wind can carry are no exception when it comes to damaging a windshield. 


Choice and Installation

It is crucial to pay attention to the installment of a windshield. If it is not installed correctly, it can lead to massive damage. If it is not installed correctly, it increases the car's roof caving in and then collapsing, causing almost irreparable damage. While installing, you must choose experienced professionals for the adhesive work, and the proper placement of windshields is critical. If not handled properly, it can lead to unlikely outcomes.


It is better to keep in mind that a car owner should go for quality products and make no compromise while investing in the vehicle's needs, for if a car is taken proper care of, it can prove to be a lifelong partner. According to OEM standards and the adhesive used, one should ensure that the auto glass's quality is premium-quality polyurethane adhesive. The technicians that will help you install the windshield will also help you figure out the best quality products, so it is better to listen to their advice if you do not have accurate knowledge.



When choosing the right windshields, you might get confused about selecting OEM or aftermarket windshields; both have pros and cons that help the owner decide. OEM windshields are expensive but have exceptional quality and ensure top-notch safety. Aftermarket windshields might not always meet the standards set by auto manufacturers but are less costly; they are convenient for many car owners.

New Technologies!

The new developments in this area are promising, and soon we will have windscreens that are a standard fitment with display technology! The e-class windscreen will come with a camera fitting and sensors, which will have the drivers experience interactivity while driving. The Mercedes Benz is among the leading names in the automobile industry that has produced racing cars, smart cars, and even super cars! One of their creations is to introduce the E-class models with a sixty-four touch point screen, which will turn the windscreen into interactive media. The driver will have peace of mind given the ultrasonic sensors for speed and added assistance on the road. In addition to being high-tech, the E-class windscreen also has the new water-spraying technology installed that eliminates the chances of blocked vision while cleaning the screen.


Hence, instead of having the gushes of water distraction, the Mercedes team has created a sprinkler-like mechanism that basically distributes water in a light drizzle-like manner, allowing the driver a clear view of the road!

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