Tinted Windows – Should I get it?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   25 Oct 2021
Tinted Windows – Should I get it?

Check if it is prohibited in your region!

We observe many benefits to car window tints, but it is essential to consider the laws and regulations around them before going for them. Window tinting is done to darken or cover the window with a thin laminate film. These tinted films can provide one with privacy, shade and even protection from harmful UV rays.  Moreover, they can also help in insulation against heat. Also, tinted windows can make your car look much cooler and aesthetic! But of course, before we give in to that concept, make sure it is not prohibited in your region.


A window tint can protect the contents of your car against strong sunlight exposure. The dark surfaces in the inside of the car can get badly affected due to long or daily exposure to sunlight. In case it is prohibited in your region, you can have access to tint films with a lesser VLT percentage that may be legal in your area. This might not be important in states with cold seasons throughout the year, and they may enjoy pure sunlight coming in through the windows, but this is a necessity in regions with hot aggressive climates throughout the year.

Window tints are usually perceived as a threat by the majority of the authority, but they can work the other way around too! Tinting your windows can provide you with a great deal of security as well. They do not allow strangers, or, unfortunately, ill-intentioned people, to read the situation inside the vehicle; they may avoid attacking the car altogether. It can be an excellent source of protection for women and younger drivers. Tinted windows not only protect against that, but in case of an accident, they can hold the shattered glass in place so it won't fly around, causing more damage.

All depends on where you live!

Applying or buying a window tint can very much depend on where you live. However, its application is very convenient; it can be done personally or by a professional. If you do it on your own, it can save you labour costs, and you can do the job at your convenience. Getting it done by professionals can be costly, but they will do the job well, ensuring a warranty. The film used to tint the window should be a reasonable percentage of VLT according to your area, so no one asks you to remove a freshly applied tint.

VLT refers to the amount of light that can get in or pass through the tint. It is necessary to have enough information about the rules and regulations regarding window tints in your area.

The latest upgrade in tint films includes protective shields that insulate against harmful UV radiations. These films are transparent and hence legal. They can protect the contents of your car the same way shaded tints can, these films can be costly, but they work efficiently. Taking precautions and information into consideration, the experience of tinted car windows can go very well for anyone who wants to.

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