Do I Need a Car?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   15 Nov 2021
Do I Need a Car?

Decisions, Decisions!

Buying a car can be a tough decision. It is hard to tell if one needs a car or just wants one! A car no doubt gives you ultimate freedom but can also be very costly and demands a great deal of responsibility. There are many advantages to owning a car, but it sure needs a lot of commitment. Owning a car will naturally be a massive upgrade to your life; it will bring ease, independence, and liberty and require a lot of care and a responsible attitude. There is a lot to owning a car, a long list of pros and cons!


The Good Side

A huge advantage of owning a car is that one can be independent and avoid public transportation. Of course, if an individual is a good driver and must travel for an hour or more, they should own a car to get to their work because public transportation for long distances can be hectic and risky. One should get an average car if they are dependent on cars and buses for very long distances every day. However, for a routine college or school distance you can have access to excellent bus facilities and a car might be a little too extra.


The decision also depends on whether you own a family or not; if someone is living alone, they might be less in need of a car than people with families. Individuals can be good to go with a motorbike or a relatively lighter mode of transport. On the other side, people with families are greatly dependent on a personal mode of transport, in case of emergency or important events getting a bus or cab for multiple people can be hard. People who have older people in their homes who need to be transported carefully to their healthcare services should also not think twice if they are thinking about owning a car.


The decision greatly depends on your needs but keeping a car is not easy as it looks; starting from a heavy investment to monthly gas charges and maintenance fees becomes a regular part of one’s life. Once someone gets used to owning a car, the unavailability of the vehicle for even a short while can disrupt their routine. However, if one’s needs are not being met without a personal car, one should be ready to commit and take responsibility.


Buying a car once can be a lifetime investment, and the vehicle might end up being your partner for decades, a lot of individuals in a family can depend on a single car, and it does free you of transportation stress. People who work for long hours deserve to have a comfortable and safe mode of transport. So a car can be both an advantage and a disadvantage to people depending upon their respective situations. As it is said with convenience comes cost so if one is capable of affording a car and they need one they should choose comfort over chaos, on the other hand, other means of transports should also not be undermined.

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