Car Crash - How Can I Avoid It?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   22 Nov 2021
Car Crash - How Can I Avoid It?

Car crashes happen in routine, due to little negligence one can end up in a very unwanted situation. Statistically, not many accidents are lethal but of course statistics mean little or nothing if a car crash involves your loved ones. It is extremely important to follow driving protocols and maintain focus throughout the driving period. There is a number of important precautions one needs to keep in mind to avoid getting into hazardous situations. It is better not to be careless and reckless when it comes to driving, everyone should follow proper guidelines and avoid negligence for the sake of their and their loved one’s safety.

Long-Term Safety and Insurance

For long term safety insurance, it is better to start taking precautions before even the car purchase. It is important to take into consideration the safety features it involves. The cars being manufactured these days include crash avoidance, it is mostly available only in high-end cars but if one can have this feature it can avoid car crashes happening due to blind spots. These cars have alert systems, they notice when you are nearing another object, the notifications are in the form of light or sound. this feature can be extremely helpful and a major factor in avoiding car crashes.


Wearing a seatbelt is something people don’t take seriously; people tend to ignore the fact that the driver or person sitting in the passenger seat of 50 per cent at risk of dying in a car crash. People sitting in the back are three times more potentially at risk of death as compared to those who do wear a seatbelt. Wearing a seatbelt may seem simple but it should be properly fitted and not fall across the neck. Posture should be maintained and cars should be driven with proper technique. A proper posture minimizes the damage to your body during an accident.

Remain Calm!

If you have an infant or toddler with you it is extremely negligent if a suitable car seat for them is not installed. A convertible or booster seat is very essential in this case.

It should be noted that the driver must remain calm, if someone is angry and distracted, they should not be in the driving seat. The driver must be focused and attentive, as well as responsible. Driving should not be taken lightly.

During long drives, breaks should be taken instead of driving continuously, many car crashes occur due to fatigue and restlessness.

Immediate Steps!

If unfortunately, one ends up in a car crash instant and immediate precautions should be taken. The instant reaction after the car crash can make a huge difference in the outcome of the damage. In case of fire, one should try to find a way out of the car immediately. One should try to keep calm and take deep breathes, getting anxious or hyper might lead to a panic attack or blood pressure (fall or rise) which can worsen the situation. One should have sharp objects in case they have to cut something out of the way like the seatbelt which can become a hindrance during an escape.

Driving should be taken seriously, one should be vigilant while at it and precautions should be followed sophisticatedly.

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