BMW's Color Changing Paint – How Does it Work?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   17 Jan 2022
BMW’s Color Changing Paint – How Does it Work?

The concept car, BMW iX Flow, was displayed at the CES innovation show in Las Vegas, Nevada. A concept vehicle is one that has been created for show purposes, as it is still being developed.

What is New?

The organization says an electronic ink innovation makes it conceivable to change the vehicle's external shadings and add designs. A similar sort of innovation, which BMW calls Electronic Paper Display, is utilized in electronic understanding gadgets.

An exhibit at CES showed the iX Flow model changing from white to dark. The progressions are conceivable in each board of the vehicle. This allows a few opportunities for various shading and example blends all around the vehicle. The exhibition included one setting that made dashing stripes.


BMW says the material that empowers the innovation contains diversely charged white, dark or hued particles. Various tones seem when an electrical field is initiated. Signs to enact the progressions can be sent by controls inside the vehicle or by telephone.

The organization said no energy is needed to keep the shading the driver picks.

In the event that you've at any point had an uncertain outlook on what shading vehicle to purchase, BMW might have the car for you. The German automaker flaunted its new shading changing paint innovation at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that imparts more in like manner to a Kindle than you'd suspect right away.


Depending on E Ink, the electronic paper innovation utilized in tablets, and the old Pebble watch, the shading changing paint innovation is making its presence on an idea adaptation of the BMW iX introduced at CES.

The surface covering of the BMW iX Flow highlighting E Ink contains a massive number of microcapsules, with a distance across comparable to the thickness of a human hair. These microcapsules have contrarily charged white colors and emphatically condemned dark shades. Contingent upon the picked setting, excitement through an electrical field makes either the white or the dark colors gather at the outer layer of the microcapsule, giving the vehicle body the ideal shade.

Personalization – Exteriors

Don't anticipate seeing this at your nearby BMW showroom at any point shortly: the automaker says this is only a "progressed exploration and configuration project."

The inventive paint plan can be set off at the bit of a button. At this moment, the tones are restricted to white, dark, and dim. However, despite the obliged range, BMW says it could have suggestions for the proficiency of its electric vehicles.

"A white surface mirrors significantly more daylight than a dark one," the organization says. "By suggestion, warming of the vehicle and traveler compartment because of solid daylight and high external temperatures can be decreased by changing the outside to a light tone." In a cooler climate, hazier tones will assist the vehicle with retaining additional glow from the sun.


The idea of "personalization" is exceptionally well known in the car business. However, the greater part of endeavors is centered around the inside. BMW is carrying the idea of personalization to the outside of the vehicle!

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