What does maintaining a hybrid car look like?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   22 Aug 2022
Image from: electricdrives.tv

In the past decades, having a hybrid car makes you stand out because it wasn’t the go-to pick, was it? These days, due to the rising price of fuel and the pressing environmental issues, it’s more of a sense of relief and responsibility that drive the choice behind every hybrid car out there.

At the same time, with the impending ban on pure internal combustion engines as early as 2030 in some countries and states in the USA, it is a reasonable decision to get a hybrid as early as now. Not to mention, the tax credit amounting to a few thousand dollars for getting one.

If you are just about to hop on the hybrid wagon and are wondering what it would be like to maintain a hybrid car, read on to find out. The following are some of the standard maintenance procedures to follow.

Understanding how the battery works

The battery, being the best feature of a hybrid car, is designed to not take much of your time to maintain. They are practically engineered to be maintenance-free. In fact, most warranties cover them for up to years and around 100,000 miles as an added peace of mind.

Still, the best way to maintain your car battery is to keep them charged. And in case you will not drive for extended periods, make sure to turn your car on for a few minutes to keep the battery from losing its charge. And just like any other battery, keep it at optimal temperatures to protect the cells.

Performing routine engine checks

Just like a regular car, your hybrid’s engine needs regular engine checks. Although wearing is slower than traditional cars, a hybrid’s engine is not free from it. Scheduling regular engine checks is the key to avoiding mini heart attacks as a result of suddenly finding out your engine needs repair.

And remember, whatever car you are driving, ignoring engine warning lights is a surefire way of attracting repair costs.

Checking tires

Other than the benefits above, a hybrid car makes for a great ride because of its performance. However, any edge it has over traditional cars pales when performance is compromised by ill-inflated tires. Plus, tire condition significantly affects fuel efficiency.

Make sure that tires fit on your car and are properly inflated. Due to the low rolling resistance associated with hybrid cars, it’s great to have the most suited tires for your hybrid.

Checking brakes

Regularly check your brake pads and rotors to keep track of their wear and tear. Hybrid cars use an organic pad that liquefies when heated. It’s prone to quick wear that eventually results in poor braking performance. When it needs replacement, typically after 10,000 to 12,000 miles, ensure optimal performance by using the right pad and rotors. On top of that, only use quality brake fluid.

It’s not that much different to maintain a hybrid from a traditional car. If maintenance is one of your top concerns, the good news is that it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to maintain one.

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