7 Things that can damage your car’s paint

By: Kris LeSueur   |   09 Jan 2023
Image from: Local Flavor

Nice sparkly things are great, and cars are not an exception. Some people are very particular when it comes to protecting the engine and other vital parts of their cars, but a car’s exterior also needs some loving.

The outer part of your car is what comes in contact with things on a daily basis, so it's just right that you know how to keep your car looking new and handsome, especially its paint. To do this, get to know things that damage your car’s paint. Some of them, you will be surprised to know or are even guilty of.


Yes, coffee… your favorite drink in the morning. Is it a habit of yours to place your coffee cup on your car’s hood? Probably as you quietly take in the morning or as you rummage through your bag for keys. Well, the coffee spills are not exactly friendly to your car’s paint as they are to your morning routine. Coffee contains enough acid to break down the top layer of your car’s paint. You don’t have to ditch coffee, just actively remember to immediately wipe off any surface you place your coffee cup on.

Bird poop

No one likes bird poop, but you will probably hate them even more after knowing they pose some danger to your car’s shiny paint. Shade under trees is perfect protection from the harsh sun, but you also run the risk of your car being a dumping ground for the lovely bird residents up above. Birds excrete uric acid along with their poop which can damage your car paint if left for a while.


Fill up your tank to the top and your engine will be happy, but spill it over your car’s paint, and it’s a different story. Be sure to wipe off the surface that got dripped on by gasoline. It can leave permanent stains on your car’s expensive paint job.

Cleaning materials

It’s counterproductive to clean your car’s exteriors with compromised cleaning materials especially used rags. The sand and other little particles stuck to the rug can scratch the paint surface and leave you with more problems than just dirt.


There is a reason the number one advice when it’s snowing is to keep your car in the garage or the carport. Extremely high temperatures can cause a chemical reaction in the paint. Plus, moisture speeds up corrosion, so keep your car inside and protected.

Sharp objects

Nails, keys, spoons…these objects should be as far as possible from your car. How many times has a kid thought that writing on a car’s surface with a nail is a good idea? It’s just another reason to keep your car in the garage or at least, as far away from unruly kids as possible.

Construction debris

Doing a little renovation? Constructing something in the house? Make sure your car is not in the area. Construction debris can stick to the car’s surface. Cement quickly hardens and id if you pry it off, the paint can come off with it, leaving you with an ugly-looking, spotty paint job.

Keeping your car’s paint gorgeous is all a matter of prevention. Keep it protected at all times, and you are less likely to pay handsomely for an untimely trip to the auto paint shop.

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