What exactly does your car’s climate control do?

By: Kris LeSueur   |   23 Jan 2023

Driving and owning a car is not just about engine performance and fuel efficiency. Comfort also plays a vital role in any driving experience. Have you ever tried driving in the middle of summer with a broker air conditioning? The experience is horrible and is something you’ll never want to do again. Driving at an uncomfortable temperature makes you wish your car always has the best temperature inside regardless of the weather outside. This is where climate control features come in.

What is climate control?

Cars have long been equipped with heaters and coolers. However, as technology progresses, cars get more advanced features and one of them is climate control. It is an advanced form of air conditioning that allows you to optimize and even tailor the temperature inside your car. This is regardless of how hot or cold the weather is outside.

The main component of climate control is its vapor compression system which is responsible for cooling down the air that enters the cabin. The system just reverses when it is hot air that is needed.

Do all cars have climate control?

Some cars are equipped with automatic climate control. This adjusts the temperature inside the cabin to its most optimal state through the help of temperature sensors and vacuum motors. Other than the most optimal temperature, automatic climate control also aims for the lowest humidity and the lowest fan noise.

Automatic climate control can be turned off, in which case, you will have to manually set the temperature and choose air sources. You also adjust the strength of the fan to your liking.

Some cars even have dual climate control setups where the cabin is divided into two zones whose climates can be adjusted separately.

It’s not the end of the world if your car is not equipped with automatic car control. If you think about it, it really just automates a rather easy process. In case all you have is your trusted air conditioning, just do your best to get the most out of it.

Here are some ways you can make the most of your car’s air conditioning:

Don’t bother to pre-cool. You do not have to start the engine and turn the AC on for five minutes or more before you hop in and drive. Your car’s air conditioning actually works better when the engine is turning, so drive on and wait as the AC gets to its best performance.

Choosing the max temperature is not the most efficient way to use your AC. It is more efficient to select a low temperature and help the air circulation using the fans.

Use recirculation mode effectively. It is recommended that you turn this mode on when you need to cool down your car quickly. You can do it a lot quicker with this mode because it stops hot air from the outside from getting into the car. Another time you can use this mode is when you want to expel unwanted smells of the car.


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