These things can get your car insurance void

By: Kris LeSueur   |   19 Jun 2023
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Owning car insurance is like having a safety net for your wheels. It's essential to be aware of the things that can void your coverage, ensuring you don't get caught in a sticky situation. As a car owner, are you aware of the things that will get your insurance void? 

Non-disclosure of important details

You might think it's harmless to fib a little on your insurance application but think again. Failing to disclose important details like past accidents, vehicle modifications, or traffic violations can come back to haunt you. Be upfront and provide accurate information—trust us, it's the smart move.

Driving Under the Influence

Everybody knows that driving while drunk or high is a major no-no. It's not just dangerous, but it can also screw up your car insurance coverage big time. If you get caught driving impaired and end up causing a crash, your insurance company won't be there to save you. So, let's be responsible and keep our roads safe, alright?

Mismatch of actual use of insurance coverage

Using your personal vehicle for business purposes without proper coverage is like playing with fire. If you're driving for a ridesharing service or making deliveries, make sure to inform your insurer and get the right commercial auto insurance. Otherwise, your regular policy might leave you high and dry when you need it most.


Every car insurance policy has its limits. If your policy only covers personal use and you decide to go full-on commercial, you're playing a risky game. Any incidents that occur during activities outside your policy's scope might not be covered. Review your policy carefully and make sure your vehicle's usage aligns with what's allowed.

Neglecting Vehicle Maintenance

Skipping out on vehicle maintenance isn't just risky for your safety, it can also put your insurance coverage at risk. Ignoring necessary repairs or skipping scheduled inspections is basically inviting trouble. If you end up in an accident because of preventable mechanical issues, your insurance company might refuse to cover your claim. So, make sure you keep your ride in excellent condition, and you'll be grateful you did when it matters most.

Engaging in illegal activities

Engaging in illegal activities while driving is a recipe for disaster. Whether it's street racing or driving without a valid license, it's not only dangerous but can also void your insurance coverage. Don't risk it—drive responsibly, follow the law, and stay on the right side of your insurance policy.

Unauthorized drivers

Be cautious about letting unauthorized drivers take the wheel of your car. If someone not listed on your policy gets into an accident while driving your vehicle, your coverage might be voided. Before handing over the keys, make sure they're either covered under your policy or have their own valid insurance.

Final thoughts

Car damage can get really expensive. As such, you will definitely want to keep your insurance coverage intact. Remember to be honest, drive responsibly, disclose changes in vehicle usage, keep up with maintenance, follow the law, and watch who drives your car. 



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